27 May 2017

Am I a... Hippy or Hipster?? or Hippy Hipster?

Am I a "Hippy" or subset of a Hipster?? These actions below lean towards that type of individual...Who am I...

  • Birkenstock sandals
  • Leaf EV car that plugs in to a socket. No gas or messy oil. Always on Brake/ECO mode
  • Gap t-shirt from organic free-roaming camel hair processed by indigenous non-outsourced local people
  • Ordered Chai (sweet not traditional) and reused mug for water WITHOUT RINSING previous chai
  • Had Freebirds(tm), Austin local restaurant, with Tempeh...
  • Drinks own urine to recycle fluids

BUT these dont...

  • I will stand in line at Franklins and eat everything.
  • I hate hippies. Their in-action of dreaming to save the world is stupid
  • Butt wipes rule. Toliet paper is stupid.
  • Plates? nope. Paper towels that get thrown away? Yep.
  • Gardening? tried it. Whole Foods shopping for the my garden failures? Yep.

So I guess I am a complex human being with mixed values that traverse across multiple subsets of cultures. Cool. back to my butter churning youtube instruction video!