31 July 2017

Serious discussion about our society

Took the youth to Wonder Woman(tm). Enjoyed it. Odd to see a male protagonist as the hero then realize that he was the "sidekick" after the movie. I digress

But here was the issue: tons of people dying... shot, cut, thrown, hit, etc. My girls? nothing. they were eating their pretzels (best in town at the Alamo... shoooout outttt), and enjoying the flashing pictures on the screen. but... when it got to wonder woman shutting the door and kissing whatshisname... oh no. Lily would have NONE of that. So she covered her eyes.

Death... nope... munch, munch on pretzel... but kissing.. ewwww.

What is going on with us as a society? How can that be? We dont have public hangings anymore. We "protect" our kids from EVERYTHING, but violence is STILL everywhere. That is ok to imagine killing/maiming/hitting, but sex. NO. WE WONT SHOW THAT. THE KIDS. Protect them. Backwards, backwards. Why would something between two people (or more!) that is really, the closest one gets to another human being (maybe the rush of robbing a bank is closer?).. shunned? And punching some dude's head off and laughing is a-ok?

I have no solution, just saw it firsthand with Lily and kinda threw me for a spin.