21 August 2017

The eclipse was INSANE

The eclipse happened. I couldn't control myself and attacked my neighbor (friend Pat) and consumed him in front of all the 6th graders. Then the sun came back... and I realized, in my loss of humanity from 13:10 to 13:11, that ... that.. Pat did not taste very good.

Too tough and dry. Oh , wait... the sun is back... nothing to see here.

SOAPBOX: how do we still have religion? We, us humans, predicted.. PREDICTED with science. the EXACT time a mass of volume 2.2X10^10 km^3 would cover a sun... and got it RIGHT. Religion has predicted nothing. NOTHING correctly. The end of the world? Nope, missed that 173 times according to wikipedia. Anything? Nope... Why would I put ANY knowledge/time in a system that has a hit ratio of 100% failure to predict our reality? Like throwing the roulette ball across the room and THEN spinning the wheel.